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Dynamic Sportsbook, with Live Betting and Cashout functionality.

A truly comprehensive and efficient Sportsbook, with Live Betting and Cashout functionality as standard, is an essential product for any serious betting operation. With a truly exhaustive selection of Markets, for thousands of Matches, in more than 20 Sports, our flagship product guarantees complete satisfaction for even the most discerning of customers.

Sports Available
Matches per Month
Markets per Month
  • Detailed Sales Reports
    Agent &Sub-Agent Systems
    Bet Authorisation
    Adjustable Bet Limits
    Odds Monitoring
    Virtual Settling


Lucky 6

Lucky6 is a fixed-odds game in which players choose 6 out of 48 numbered and coloured balls, where 35 balls are drawn in each game.

Spin &Win

A spin on the classic Roulette game where the winning number is drawn based on the wheel’s position when it comes to rest.


Keno is a fixed odds lottery-type game in which players pick up to 12 numbers from a total of 80 of which 20 are drawn at random.

    • Fixed Odds up to 10,000/1
    • Customisable Paytable
    • 48 Numbers
    • 6 Selected
    • 35 Drawn
    • 8 Bet Types
    • 2x Odds Bonuses

    The sooner all 6 selected numbers are drawn the higher the odds. Additional betting options are available, such as Top Colour, Hi-Lo, and Odd-Even.

    • Fixed Odds up to 36/1
    • Fixed Paytable
    • 37 Numbers
    • 2 Colours
    • 10 Bet Types

    Players can pick single numbers, a range of numbers, the colour, or whether the number is odd or even.

    • Fixed Odds up to 100,000/1
    • Customisable Paytable
    • 80 Numbers
    • 1-12 selected
    • 20 Drawn
    • 62 Winning Combinations
    • Available in Multiple Skins

    A customisable paytable, of 62 winning combinations, enables individual operators to optimize their profits by assigning their margins.



In addition to the Sportsbook and our own Lucky Number Games, our product offering includes an extensive range of the most prestigious live casino and slots and several Virtual Sports from market leaders in the area.

  • Live Racing
  • Virtual Racing
  • Pre-recorded Racing
  • Live Casino
  • Virtual Casino
  • Live Poker
  • Virtual Sports
  • Slots

Payment Solutions

Quick, Easy, Secure.

With full integration of the most widely used and reputable Payment Solutions, Betomall ensures payments are made quickly, easily, and above all securely.

Back Office

Nothing left to chance.

In the Gaming Industry, we have a unique understanding of the power of uncertainty, and how lucrative it can be when managed correctly. Our Back Office System provides all the tools necessary to achieve this by giving you complete control over every aspect of your operation.

With its ever-growing list of features, including Detailed Sales Reports and Agent &Sub Agent Systems, as well as invaluable Risk Management tools such as Authorisations, Adjustable Bet Limits, Odds Monitoring, and Virtual Settling, our Back Office system ensures that when it comes to running your business nothing is left to chance.

Retail Solutions

Secure &Reliable. Simple &Versatile.

Installable on any type of device, from PCs, to tablets, to mobile POS terminals, and fully integrated with our centralised accounting system, our sophisticated retail solutions provide retail betting operators with all the tools necessary to satisfy their market ’s requirements.

Self-Service Betting Terminals

With all the functionality required by operators to reduce queueing time, increase customer turnaround, and achieve higher revenue, our SSBTs also provide a practical yet engaging gaming experience for the players.

Digital Signage

Multi-screen displays are one of the main appeals of retail betting and an integral part to the success of any land-based operation. Our built-in Digital Signage solution allows shops to display Live Matches and Races, Multiple Market Odds, Lottery Draws, Promotions and much more, eliminating the expense of dedicated hardware and software.

Point Of Sale

Installable on any type of device, fully integrated with the central accounting system, and under the complete control and monitoring of the Betomall Back Office, our sophisticated Point-of-Sale solution enables operators to complete all their betting transactions, securely, reliably, and efficiently.

Mobile POS

Retail Betting Operations in emerging markets no longer have to depend on unreliable telecommunication and energy infrastructure to conduct their business. With Betomall’s Mobile Point-Of-Sale solutions, operators can now set up shop and accept bets wherever and whenever they choose.


Consulting &Licensing

Handling of Entire Process
Risk Management
Wide-sector Expertise

Design &Development

Black &White Box Testing
UI &UX Design Principles
Functionality &Efficiency


Latest technology hardware
Data center located in EU
Fully encrypted / Secure


Network Architecture &Design
Wide-Range Expertise


As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction we offer ongoing Product Support including continuous integration and precise hardware and software configuration, while our team of specialists are on hand to provide you with round the clock technical and operational support.

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